Relocation Services

Arrival in Country

Pick up from airport
Hotel reservation and Check-in hotel assistance

Look & See Visit

Look & See Visit

Each Look & See Visit is designed around our assignee and their families needs. Look & See visit includes a city “drive through”, orientation with key city landmarks, visit a typical Supermarket and the city open markets, a shopping center, and a look at the main tourist areas. We provide an Information Package, and a comprehensive briefing on living in Ukraine, dependent on specific needs assessment.


We put all the Variables in place

What to do, where to go, clubs and associations, school visits, health and medical clinics. Each Orientation/Settling-in tour is designed around our assignee and their families needs.

We think about every detail

From the journey time to work, to the proximity of schools or the need for a parking space.

For every tour

Clients will be sent an itinerary before the visit in order to add specific personal requirements

Short Term Accommodation

Short Term Accommodation

We ascertain individual needs, organize and conduct a tour of options, then coordinate deposit and payment, along with the short-term lease contract.

Home Search (Long Term Accommodation)

Home Search

We provide a Housing overview and conduct a search according to the pre-selected options. Assistance with Lease negotiations and preparation of tenancy agreement, as well as Act of Hand-over with a full validation of contents and their condition.

School Search

School Search

We help to find the most appropriate school/kindergarten for children. We conduct a detailed needs assessment and overview of schooling options, arrange appointments for interviews and assist with registration.

Bank Account

The following documents are needed to open a bank account in ukraine:

- Ukrainian Tax Identification Number
- Your Passport
- Passport translation and notarization
- Documents that confirm your living address in Ukraine

Car Registration

car registration

Bringing your car here or purchasing in Kyiv – we will help with necessary car registration documents.

Home Help Search

Home Help Search

And all the important “little things”: Nannies, baby sitters, house keepers, gardeners, drivers – all from our data base

Departure Package

Departure Package

When it is all over, we do the Termination of rental and other contracts, deregistration formalities, handover of house or apartment, support for selling furniture, appliances.